Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Doggy Milk Bones can make your dog sick!

I wanted to freshen up my dogs, thats two, breath so, I bought a large box of Milk Bone Dog biscuits. Those Greenies are getting a little expensive for this boys budget. Now I have to say the bones did help in the breath
department but about 3 in the morning dog #1 started throwing up then five minutes later, dog # 2 did the same. I was really puzzled so the next night I broke a bone in half, to lesson the trauma, and the got sick again.
I feed my two dogs, Missy and Duke, the Ultra brand-Nutra and they love it. It is a special blend of the real
thing with no by products. All that being said, there must be something in the soup that irritates a doggy's stomach. I would like to know if anyone else has had this to happen to them.
Please log on to www.austincitypaws.com and send me an email with your experience. I had no idea the product was now made in China. You can imagine the content has to be cheap if a big box is $6.00 and it has to be imported. Yuk! Gerry


  1. Hello there, I was researching Milk Bone dog biscuits and found your comment. My dog will occassionally get sick with bouts of diarrhea and very upset stomach. She won't eat and has to go outside almost every 20 minutes. I was curious as to what was making her soo sick, I don't give her table food and she eats the same food she always has. The only change was the milkbones. I stopped giving them to her and she was better. Just today, my nieces gave her a total of 2 and this evening we are having the same issue. It has to be the Milk Bone and was trying to see if anyone else has had this problem.


  2. Mine to! I gave him one every night before bed and he would get up in the morning throwing up, this went on for a long long time and I couldn't figure it out so I did research and found out it might be the Milk Bones so I stopped them and he never got sick again!!